For a FUTURARTIST — there is no résumé, there is “futuré”. On this matter, I will say that I, like every artist, have started this journey, aiming to make the world a better place. And the “futuré” I have in mind for myself and the universe is only possible within a Civilization of Holograms, where everyone creates their own dream life.
For me, this also represents the transition from the information age to the wisdom age.


'The civilization of paper has ended. Now we're living in the screen era and soon we will be introduced with the hologram technology'.

He is a 68 year-old FUTURartIST from Turkey. He has been drawing digitally since the PC technologies have got involved in our lives. He met iTouch last year. Despite the disadvantages of the device’s size, he drew gracious pieces. This year, he continues to work with his iPad. His gallery contains about 10.000 digital artworks. But he has never exhibited them. He denies the classical way. He wants to display his work on a digital frame. But not only for an exhibition, also for hanging in every single home.

He says: “Digital arts must be shown on a digital screen. If you print them on canvas, you lose all the opportunities such as lighting, color, brightness, flow, everything that the digital screen features. People should make room for digital frames in their homes.” He has been waiting for this to happen for more than 20 years now. But that’s where the story begins.

He is highly interested in conceptual physics, astronomy, innovation, enfo & bio & nano technologies, Sufism, life-changing inventions, but most of all, the hologram technology. He believes that it will destroy many obstacles, not only for artists, but for all mankind. And just like any futuristic person, he dreams on. He dreams of opening the first ever holographic design exhibition, and of many other things…


“H”, is the result of my desire to combine art and the technology of tomorrow, in three different ways.

Holographic Dome

As a futurartist, while playing around with the limited opportunities offered by current software and hardware, my top priority is to move on to a platform where I can turn my dreams into reality in a holographic way. In my opinion, dreams coming true under a holographic dome, creates an experimental reality zone and promises a limitless platform of comfort, not only for artists but also for all men who want to live freely in a world created by their own free will.

Future Generations

The second step is to initiate workshops that will educate the artists of the future and teach them about the most advanced types of technology. Children must be pioneers in coming up with independent ideas that we will need as we build the future. With their clear minds allowing them to achieve their full potential, their experiences in exploratory, experimental and creative processes can open brand new doors for us.

Dream Labs

And the final step is to initiate a process of creating ideas, software and hardware that will shape the future of art, in the Dream Laboratories where cutting edge technology is always available. Here, exclusive software must be created for each artist, allowing them to bring their signatures to life, just the way they imagined it, without any technological constraints.


  • In My Mind.png
    In My Mind
  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan
  • CyberGirl
    Flyin Daggers
  • Electric Blue
    Electric Blue
  • Madame Octopus
    Madame Octopus
  • Love Is In The Air
    Love Is In The Air
  • VaponoVa
  • Rumi
  • I Died As a Mineral And Became a Plant
    I Died As a...
  • In Her Hat
    In Her Hat
  • Expectations
  • Retrospective


Should you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact with me.

PINAR KARAERKEK / Agent of Futurartist


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