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after openıng my fırst vr exhıbıtıon: sırıus gate, enterıng the world of nft's has become a necessıty. so ı took the step...

First NFT Artwork of Futurartist 'A Sunny Day'

There are a handful of trusted NFT marketplaces out there. I chose Makersplace to get started. Murat Saygıner, a multi talented friend of mine who is very well known in NFT society helped me through the process. I must admit, they are very cautious and selective which was very pleasing for an artist. A lot of people out there, complaining about the reliability of this very trendy act. I understand their concerns. But I always took the side of the future.

“What could be better than a sunny day to get off to a good start? So I chose to enter the world of NFT with one of my favorite artworks 'A Sunny Day' which is also exhibiting at my first VR Exhibition Sirius Gate on Spatial App.

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