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Hayrettin Karaerkek aka Futurartist is an 80-year-young intuitive artist who is probably one of the first digital painters on earth.


Standing at the intersection between art, science, technology and has an endless curiosity about space, future and human-alien encounters.


From PC to tablet, 3D printable sculpting to VR experiences, he used every possible technology to create art. 


For a FUTURARTIST—there is no résumé, there is “futuré”.


On this matter, I will say that I like every artist, have started this journey, aiming the world a better place.


And the “futuré” I have in my mind, for myself and the universe is only possible within a Civilization of Holograms, where everyone creates their own dream life.


For me, this also presents the transition from the information age to wisdom age.

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