A man should do the right thing and must answer the call of his soul. Out of the mind's prison, key of the salvation lies. It lies in our hearts, it lies in our childhood. Protect that gift,  live in harmony with the universe inside of you.

If I succeced one thing in life. That must be this. I protect the kid. Kept drawing with whatever in my hands. If it's rock I carved, if it's charcoal I made mess, If it's pocket-sized phone, huge tablet or VR glasses I kept doing as I've  done since childhood.

Now as a 78 years young human, I would like to encourage  youth  with my unblinking fire against life which is  the only thing that kid have. 


I alway stand between the triangle of art,science and technology. That must be a sign cause now I do a live streaming show on Twitch with Kadir Köymen is called 'Triangle'. My lucky number is 3.


That is an open letter to the youth. We can shape the future. Join us to contribute to the Era of VR & Hologram Technologies.